LAST UPDATED: 08/29/2015

A Necessary Change

From the Webmaster

It's time for a change. As I don my cape and crusade for truth, justice, and the riddance of spam, it's time to leave the whine with the cheese (wink wink). I am removing all the complaints I had on here about the previous hosting company. I am removing my tale of my struggle with Google when my sites were brutally attacked with malicious code injection. What I intend to do is to list all the spam addresses that I receive spam from. Spam is apparently on the rise and it seems that Facebook may have been the originating culprit. My personal email address was harvested and is being used incessantly. Well, if the visitors to my site(s) want to harvest email addresses, I will supply them. They can harvest these email addresses until they get their fill because they will spam the spammers. Have at it is what I say.

They Are Coming in Droves

Looks like potential spammers are coming out in droves at the moment. I have what seems to be a gazillion site hits from Mexico, South America, etc. all coming from an obscure site that is supposed to be an SEO improvement site. Sure it is. Click on that and I bet there would instant infiltration of malicious code. Not going to least not by me.

Due to Hard Drive Problems

The website has been neglected for months due to hard drive problems. Hopefully I will be better able to recreate or make additions to the site in the upcoming months.

I have been getting less and less spam mail and posting those addresses on this page may have proved to be useful, if not the reason for the halting of such emails. Whatever the reason, I am happy to see those slow/stop.

Good Email Addresses to Have and Use

The following email addresses are to be used to report spam and phishing emails. Maybe the harvesters will get these, too, and spam the reporting agencies. That might make short work of their attempt to spam others.

Spam Abuse -

Report Phishing -

Anti-phishing -


Below are addresses of spammers I have received spam from since April 2014.Turn around is fair play and if spammers like to harvest info, here is a bunch. Have at it...spam the spammers. Also, most emails that contain links are sending you to sites...with the sites being created the date of the email. They are spamming the wrong woman. If they want to waste their money on getting cheap domain names to do this, go ahead. I will continue to report the links to as many agencies as I can to stop this idiocy.


August 29, 2015

 For over a week I have been getting mucho spam from the same idiots in China. Sure, as if they or anyone else is reading this, but typing it makes me feel better. The company that buys the domains is Pinnacle Marketing and they are buy cheap domains by the truck load and spamming the hell out everyone. I have the IP address and domains if anyone out there is interested. This is just plain stupid. I report the links within the email to Google Safe Browsing and send the headers and email to various spam reporting agencies. I am not sure what else to do until this ugly cycle runs out or until Pinnacle Marketing stops buying ridiculous domains.

Here is the information related to that spammer. I have decided to start putting in data out there in case some other spammer is trying to harvest addresses:

August 29, 2015
Pinnacle Marketing
IP location  - Hong Kong
From IP address -
IP address -
IP address -

NEW SPAM ONE: from two spam emails with same email address for different websites


A new cycle of spam has way of fighting back. Here's some fresh pickings for those potential email harvesters. If you are an innocent person just dropping by, please do not click on and email these idiots. Hopefully the email addresses will be shut down before anyone has a chance to actually do that.

06/24/2015 IP address emailed from the Ukraine

site is hosted by GoDaddy

 06/24/2015 IP address unclear from Spain

06/11/2015 IP address it was emailed from is Uruguay

06/08/2015 - IP address emailed from Argentina

05/30/2015 - Domain name registered listed as German
Hacked by Ukraine IP address

Thank you for selling to spammers and taking no responsibility for doing so.

05/21/2015 - Domain Name Registered from Switzerland
Spam email sent from Cape Town, South Africa - 

05/20/2015 - Domain Name Address Registered from Japan
Hosting out of Sakura, Japan -

05/19/2015 - Domain Name Address Registered from Hong Kong
Hosting out of Buffalo, New York -

05/18/2015 - Domain Name Address from Hong Kong
Hosting out of Buffalo, New York

05/13/2015 - IP Address from Hong Kong

05/12/2015 - IP Address from Hong Kong

05/11/2015 - IP Address from Hong Kong

05/10/2015 - IP Address from Hong Kong

05/09/2015 - IP Address from Hong Kong

05/08/2015 - IP Address from Hong Kong

05/08/2015 - IP Address from Hong Kong

05/04/2015- IP Address Chicago, Illinois

The ones below are old....

09/26/2014 - From Saudi Arabia